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Autumn Leagues Sydney

February 13, 2019 - 2 days ago

TA-DAAAAAAAA. Here is a comprehensive list of leagues launching in Sydney this Autumn. Do we have individual rego for all of them? YES. Yes, we do. 

  • Aussie Rules Wed Camperdown 10-Apr
  • Basketball Mon Camperdown 15-Apr
  • Basketball Thurs Redfern18-Apr
  • Dodgeball Tues Woolloomooloo 9-Apr
  • Dodgeball Wed Marrickville 24-Apr
  • Dodgeball Thurs Marrickville 25-Apr
  • Fast-5-Netball Mon Leichhardt 1-Apr
  • Fast-5-Netball Tues Redfern 16-Apr 
  • Fast-5-Netball Wed Moore Park 17-Apr
  • Street Netball Wed North Sydney 24-Apr
  • 7s Netball Mon Redfern 6-May
  • 7s Netball Mon Moore Park 29-Apr
  • Flag Gridiron Mon TBC 29-Apr
  • Flag Gridiron Sun Cammeray 10-Mar
  • Floor Hockey Wed Alexandria 10-Apr
  • Multisport Wed Redfern 0 1may
  • Multisport Wed North Sydney 24-Apr
  • Multisport Thurs Pyrmont 11-Apr
  • Rebound Volleyball Tues Sydney Uni 16-Apr
  • Caged Soccer Thurs Marrickville 28-Mar
  • Caged Soccer Sun Marrickville 10-Mar
  • Indoor Soccer Wed Alexandria 10-Apr
  • Outdoor Soccer Tues Eastern Suburbs 9-Apr
  • Street Soccer Tues Pyrmont 26-Mar
  • Street Soccer Thurs North Sydney 11-Apr
  • Street Soccer Thurs Camperdown 11-Apr
  • Touch Football Tues Eastern Suburbs 9-Apr
  • Touch Football Wed Glebe/Federal Park 13-Mar
  • Touch Football Wed Camperdown 17-Apr
  • Touch Football Thurs Camdenville Park 11-Apr
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Are you our greatest love story?
Feb 13

Are you our greatest love story?

February 13, 2019 - 3 days ago

Meet Rob and Megan!

You might remember them from our Sunrise appearance… Let’s call them, Urban Rec's poster couple. They met during the Urban Rec Summer Games, Rob was an event host, Megan was an American navigating netball. One minute they were playing flip-cup, next minute... A LOVE STORY LIKE NO OTHER.  How did it all go down? Did we ask for the gory details, you betcha!

💕🍕💕HOW THEY MET… For love and pizza… ðŸ’•ðŸ•ðŸ’•

After a devastating knee injury threatened to rule out her entire summer Megan Nelson was feeling pretty sad and sorry for herself, stuck in a brace watching on with beer in hand while her friends were having fun at the Urban Rec Summer Party. 
Enter the Lion - Rob Slater UR Event host.

“I was too busy having fun and drinking plenty to really be on the lookout for anything other than my next beer, I was tipsy all day and largely clueless to the fact Megan was trying to get my attention”

“He was flirting with most of us actually.. he cast a pretty wide net lol” Megan laughed.

During a game of flip cup (which Megan owned) Rob finally narrowed in on her.. the injured gazelle amongst the herd of single ladies. 

“We left to go to the Bat and Ball, and Rob wasn’t allowed in because he didn’t have a shirt… I lent him my towel to wear so he could come in with us” an act of chivalry from Megan. 

But still, Rob was still unaware that Megan was trying to make a move.

“I stuck around even after my friends had left”.. which is the universal sign that someone is interested in you. “Finally, I was like - ok, I’m getting an Uber home.. still nothing”

After finding Rob on Facebook through the event page, she messaged him (with most likely a winky face) and BAM finally… he cottoned on. 

“He tried to invite himself over (cheeky) but I was actually pretty pumped to be ordering pizza and eating it in bed by myself so I said no” 

Yep… she chose pizza over love in the first instance.. (who can blame her though.. cheesy, warm, deliciousness…) Despite the shut down and the fact Rob lost to a slice of margarita - they met up for drinks later that week and the rest is history!

“So yes, hungry lion chased the wounded gazelle - that sums it up lol” Megan remembers fondly.

“I might add that I ended up riding my bike home (wasted) at midnight because she picked pizza over me. The things we do for love..” 

BUT, is it really like no other, are there OTHER amazing love stories out there and we simply do not know about them?

💕❓DID YOU MEET PLAYING SPORT OR AT AN URBAN REC EVENT? Urban Rec want to take you on the ultimate Kidult date💕❓

Start the day being active at Sky Zone AU, where you will jump, run and fly around for an hour. ðŸ¤¸‍♀️

Then head to our partner clubhouse Rocks Brewing Company where you will be taken on a private tour of the brewery and enjoy lunch and a beer tasting. ðŸ»ðŸº

Then loaded with $50 on your card, hit up the Archie Brothers Electric Circus where you can sample VR, play the lucky dip or ride the dodgem cars. Then it's time to bowl, and enjoy some amazing candy cocktails. ðŸ­ðŸ¡

As the day draws to a close, it's time to hit the road, Uber to Centennial Park where you can enjoy cosying up under the stars at the Moonlight Cinema. ðŸŽ¥ðŸŽŸ


To win this amazing date for you and your partner, comment on THIS POST with the story about how you met at Urban Rec and a photo of the both of you!

** Winners will be notified by Facebook 
*** Prize must be claimed in the month of March or April
**** Entries close 28th February 2019

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Canberra Indies Needed
Jan 24

Canberra Indies Needed

January 24, 2019 - 22 days ago

“You complete me”That’s what your team mates will say when you join any one of the below teams and complete the team. Most only need just you, or you and a friend, so have a look and see if any location or night of the week suits you and your busy life. :) It might seem obvious but... M= Male, and F= Female. 


  • Aussie Rules 2F 


  • J-Ball  1 M 1 F


  • Flag Gridiron 4 F

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You Complete Me - 2019 Summer Indie Players - Sydney
Jan 16

You Complete Me - 2019 Summer Indie Players - Sydney

January 16, 2019 - one month ago

“You complete me” That’s what your team mates will say when you join any one of the below teams and complete the team. Most only need just you, or you and a friend, so have a look and see if any location or night of the week suits you and your busy life. :) It might seem obvious but... M= Male, and F= Female. 


  • Basketball Camperdown – 1 F
  • Fast 5 Netty Leichhartdt – 1M or F
  • Flag Grid Camperdown – 4M, 2 F
  • Netball 7s Moore Park – 3 M & 4 F
  • Netball 7s Redfern – 3 M & 3 F


  • Dodgeball Woolloomooloo – 2 F
  • Fast 5 Netty Redfern – 1 M or F
  • Rebound Volleyball Syd Uni – 2 M & 2 F
  • Softball Moore Park – SOLD OUT
  • Outdoor soccer ES marks – SOLD OUT
  • Touch Footy ES Marks – SOLD OUT


  • Aussie rules Camperdown – SOLD OUT
  • Dodgeball Marrickville – 3 M & 2 F
  • Fast 5 Netty Moore Park – 4 F
  • Street Netty North Sydney – 2 M
  • Hockey Alexandria – 2/3 F
  • Multisport North Sydney – 2F, 2M
  • Multisport Redfern – SOLD OUT
  • Touch Footy Glebe – SOLD OUT


  • Basketball Redfern – 2/3 F
  • Dodgeball Marrickville – 2 M
  • Multisport Pyrmont – SOLD OUT
  • Caged Soccer Marickville – SOLD OUT
  • Street Soccer North Sydney – 1 F & 1M
  • Street Soccer Camperdown – SOLD OUT


  • Cricket Moore Park – 8 M & 3 F


  • Caged Soccer Marickville – 2 M & 2 F
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Sunrise Segment 2019
Jan 11

Sunrise Segment 2019

January 11, 2019 - one month ago

The weary eyed surfaced this morning for an exciting cross on national TV.  With plenty of members and staff in tow, we put on our game face and joined Sam Mac for the weather and seven consecutive crosses as part of the weather segment. 

Here they are...

5:30am (Intro & Hello from us awkward people)

6:00am (Soccer, and the epic save in goals)

6:30am (Basketball, and kicking people out!)

7:00am (Dodgeball, and Diane’s epic throw)

7:30am (Flag Gridiron)

8:00am (Cricket, and an epic catch from Tim)

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Calories Burned Playing Sport
Jan 7

Calories Burned Playing Sport

January 7, 2019 - one month ago

It’s a sad fact that sport often get overlooked as a serious contributor to your fitness. People scramble to sign up for marathons and bootcamps, but seldom aknowledge that their weekly game of Netball is in fact a MAJOR part of their fitness and health journey. 

We have seen HUGE transormations of members who have gone from not being active at all, to playing 3-4 nights a week, and shedding the kg’s. 

Not just that, we are passionate about the element of incidential excerise.  Running on a treadmill for 45 minutes is a CRAP idea, compared to sprinting around a Dodgeball court with a huge smile plastered on your face.

But here are the facts. We did some research and looked into how many calories, on average you burn in a 45 minute game of sport. Of course, this is based on the average age and weight of an average joe. 

Sport Calories burned per 45 mins Calorie equivalent
Softball 280 kcal McDonalds cheeseburger
Touch Footy 449 kcal 3.5 beers
Basketball 449 kcal Half a box of pizza shapes
Cricket 280 kcal 3 paddle pops
Flag Gridiron 505 kcal 2.5 bags of (single serve) doritos
Dodgeball 300 kcal (a guesstimate) 2 Margartia’s (Ole)
 Frisbee 449 kcal 2 ciders
Volleyball 168 kcal 1 packet of skittles
Hockey 449 kcal 1.5 hotdogs
Soccer 393 kcal 2 Krispy Creme donuts
Lawn Bowls 168 kcal 1 bubble o bill
Netball 449 kcal (a guesstimate)  4 Gin & Tonics

Do you agree with these numbers, do you disagree? We would love to hear from you. If you play sport please share with us how many calories you have burned at your fave sport!If you want to get specific, you can go here, enter your age, weight, height etc and it will spit out a good estimate for you. But even better, is a fitness watch. Your heart rate can determine the calories burned. Go hard or go home. 

Want to sign up for one of our leagues this Summer?. Click here to see the list of sports launching now. 

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North Sydney Leagues This Summer

January 4, 2019 - one month ago

North Sydney and North Shore leagues are starting soon, here is a list of what’s on offer this Summer. 

Multisport North Sydney [Wed] – Link to register
Recreational, Intermediate  [North Shore] North Sydney Tennis
Starts 30 Jan 2019 10 weeks 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM $995.00 per Team or $135 per Individual

Fast5 Street Netball North Sydney [Wed] – Link to register
Recreational [North Shore] North Sydney Tennis
Starts 30 Jan 2019 10 weeks6:00 PM - 8:00 PM $855.00 per Team or $135 per Individual

Street Soccer North Sydney [Thu] – Link to register
Recreational, Intermediate [North Shore] North Sydney Tennis
Starts17 Jan 2019 10 weeks 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM  $885.00 per Team or $135 per Individual

Flag Gridiron Cammeray [Sun] – Link to register
Recreational, IntermediateSYD [North Shore] Tunks Park, Cammeray
Starts 20 Jan 2019 10 weeks 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM $995.00 per Team or $135 per Individual

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Sydney Leagues Starting in January
Dec 17

Sydney Leagues Starting in January

December 17, 2018 - 2 months ago


  • Softball Tues & Fri Moore Park – SOLD OUT. 


  • Basketball Monday Camperdown  – SOLD OUT FOR TEAMS













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Thank You 2018
Dec 10

Thank You 2018

December 10, 2018 - 2 months ago

Well, it was another HUGE year for Urban Rec and we could not be more proud of this little sports club and what we have achieved. 

December 6th also marked our 7th birthday, and it’s always nice to look back to how far we have come in seven short years. Starting as a humble touch footy comp in Glebe, and we now have over 12,000+ members across Australia – we feel like we might just be onto something. 

Here is a re-cap of what has happened this year within the walls of UR HQ. 

Social Events and Tournaments

  • Adventure Golf Day
  • Superbowl Tournament
  • Blacklight Dodgeball
  • City 2 Surf
  • Handball Tournament
  • Return to Recess Day
  • Activation BBQ’s with Frank Strong

New locations and leagues

  • First full year in Canberra
  • Launched new sports at All Sorts Indoor Sports
  • Our new venue at PCYC Redfern
  • Sunday Softball in Marrickville
  • Touch Footy in Centennial Park
  • Flag Gridiron on the North Shore
  • 7’s Netball in Moore Park Mondays

Perks and fun stuff for our members

  • Introduced pub nights
  • New partnership with Funlab (The people behind, Skyzone, Holy Moley, and Strike Bowling)
  • Partnership with Secret Cities
  • Prizes for Captains
  • Multiple fancy dress nights too many to count
  • New Clubhouses
  • Formed the Social Committee 
  • Ran weekly giveaways with our Partners on Facebook

The Numbers

  • Sydney –  with 109 leagues, 745 teams, 1099 individuals.
  • Canberra – with 21 leagues, and 125 teams, 243 individuals. 

The People

  • Madeleine our Aussie founder celebrated 7 years of working for UR, and also managed to have a baby!
  • Lindsay our League Manager celebrates 3 years with Urban Rec, and became a Master Diving instructor.
  • Danny our Member Experience Manager celebrates his first year with Urban Rec, and also got engaged!
  • Donald celebrates 1 year running Urban Rec Canberra, and quit his day job!

What does 2019 hold

The future is golden and we love to set new goals. The mission is to get Urban Rec in as many locations as possible. We want to continue to be inclusive, fun.  We want to get as many people as possible playing sports and being active not only on the pitch, but active in their social circles too. 

  • We want to partner with a beer company, to make our drinking habit on brand!
  • New leagues in Hills District
  • Watch out Northern NSW
  • Flagship social events as well as more smaller events with our partner venues 
  • Launch a tenpin bowling league in the city 

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King of The Diamond Spring Softball
Oct 25

King of The Diamond Spring Softball

October 25, 2018 - 3 months ago

WEEK 1 , sunday 23 SEPTEMBER

The sun was shining as our brand new league launched this Sunday. With a ton of newbies showing up it was so good to see new faces to Urban Rec as well as a bunch of veterans. The veteran players helped beyond measure showing other players where to pitch, how to hit, which is music to the ears of newbie players. The teams were split into birthday months, and set on their merry way. The first 2 innings there was definitely nerves on the field and it closed a 2 a piece. The next 5 innings is when the fun really begin. The teams both stacked with females, they were soon dominating through the diamond. Seven innings were played with a tight contest, but there could only be one winner….

EDDIE wins player of the week. You have won FREE Urban Rec Merch. He was super helpful, fun and had plenty of banter between teams. You are this weeks league legend. 


It has been three weeks since the last softball outing.  Everyone turned up early itching to play, including some new faces.  This week we divided the teams based on favourite holiday destination = Eurostars vs Kiwis.  It was a tightly fought game where the game was tied at 11-11 with one inning left to play.  The pressure and the banter increased as the Kiwis took the match 13-11.

Player of the match goes to DANIEL for being such a socialite amongst both teams.


It as a great day to be out in the park.  We divided the teams up by favourite food.  A cool breeze was flowing through as players ran between the bases.  The balls were flying today as we finished multiple innings with 7 runs.  Everyone has improved exponentially after a couple of weeks!

Player of the match was KATE for being a consistently great player on and off the field.  She is also one of the few who has read the rules!


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