At Return to Recess, you will be kicking it old school playing games from Primary and High. The sport and games are different every week, and you ‚Äčare competing to be the ultimate gang of youths. Expect fitness through play, expect ultimate distraction and a collection of workout games that will have feeling like you still have the energy of a 10 year old. 

 GAMES AND SPORTS FROM THE PLAYGROUND: Each time you show up to Recess you will play a different sport and, or game. Game selection will change each week and could be anything from Rob the Nest, Tag, handball, elastics, or duck, duck goose. You will compete as team and earn points individually throughout the season. 

AMAZING EVENT HOSTS: Every session has a dedicated Event Host who has developed a fun-filled program for you to individually have fun, and get fit. Expect tons of support as you and the team learn the basics. Your Event Host will ensure your season is a second-to-none experience.

AFFORDABLE SESSIONS ($15.00 PER SESSION): Yes, fitness is affordable. We offer the chance to register for the entire season, or simply show up as a drop-in player. Individual season fee is $135pp for the entire season, or $15 to drop in and play. 

WEEKLY VARIERTY: Every single week we have a different theme, sport, or event. it’s a competitve collection of games and drills you played growing up. The ‘sport’ is Recess, and getting fit is just the collateral damage. You might find yourself playing handball, skipping, or simply on an adventure race through a playground. 

ACCESS TO URBAN REC’S OTHER SPORTS LEAGUES: We do so much more than just sport, or Recess. We also do social events and parties, we have a free subs page, where you can play for FREE in any of our sports leagues. Welcome to the wide world, of Urban Rec. 

Below is a list of the upcoming seasons, sessions, and locations. Click through to learn more about other cool things we offer as part of our league nights!